Fees & rates


EOCI Consultants are very content to informally discuss the generalities of techniques and applications for a limited initial period and without charge. If / when the discussion turns towards areas where professional advice is being sought, and / or where the enquirer is considered likely to act on that advice within their revenue generating activities, then the EOCI Consultant will indicate that they consider consultancy is about to be involved and that the following terms will then become applicable, with the option then being offered to the enquirer to continue the discussion, or not:

  • Hourly Rate, based on equivalent level professionals (being usually senior managers, directors, academics) with at least 20 years of practical experience in this area of expertise and operating in the same continental geographic area
  • Discounts can be agreed from the base hourly rate, when working in partnership to mutually recognised benefit, or when the task is regarded as gaining from an EOCI pro bono fee component
  • When considering each new task the following are offered at no cost, if felt worthwhile and / or an evaluation of a potential partnership involvement is being considered
    • 1 hour of review and / or preparation, plus
    • 1 hour meeting,
    • with up to one hour return travel (by road, rail, bus etc but not by air) by the Consultant at Consultant’s cost
  • Expenses, travel and any other outgoings, are billed at cost
  • Travel time is billed at 10% of the non-discounted hourly rate
  • Consultancy time is billed in quarter-hour units, with a minimum billing amount of one hour
  • Terms are payment within 30 days of Invoice presentation
  • Stage payments, and / or part-payments in advance, may be requested