How EOCI works


Deduced Land Cover Map Example

Picture Credit: MOWD, DSIR(NZ)

WITH USERS in Two-Way Partnership To Understand the Use of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing in Their Requirements

PROVIDES Advice and Consultancy In the Science, Applications and Policy of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing

Has PRACTICAL Expertise For each consultant, Over 20 years of Experience in the Field and with Users

Is Neutral, IMPARTIAL and Operates “in confidence” A Code of Practice provides governance to EOCI Activities

Has INTERNATIONAL Awareness and Spread: UK; Western Europe; South Asia; South East Asia; Australia; New Zealand; Pacific Islands; Antarctica; and the USA.

Is willing to take Instructions for EXPERT WITNESS Assessments, In Assessments of Applications of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing to the Environment Working Impartially with Clients